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Aslatian Soaps Fragrances

Alsatian Soaps Fragrance Descriptions:

Apricot: Fresh, delicate floral, very light fruity fragrance
Apricot Freesia: Clean, fresh, light, fruity scent with a touch of spicy floral
Aloe: Green, clean fragrance with subtle citrus notes. Appeals to both men and women.
Citrus Basil: An herbaceous, woodsy, down to earth aroma blended with citrus topnotes.
Cucumber & Aloe: A unisex scent with fresh, citrus notes of aloe, fruity with a light floral undertone.
Eucalyptus Mint: Cool and clean perfume comes together with the aroma of garden spearmint.
Ginger Bamboo: A sexy scent with warm and spicy notes of ginger blended with bamboo and cedar. Fresh
spicy and warm.
Jasmine Bergamot: An appealing heavy floral with a rich woody scent blended with a fresh fruity citrus
Lavender: Refreshing, herbal and green floral bouquet. A classic and most popular fragrance.
Lemon: Freshly sliced lemon, light, uplifting and tangy.
Mango: Summery sweet, ripe and juicy mango aroma with citrus topnotes.
Peppermint: Invigorating, fresh and tingling fragrance.
Sandalwood Vanilla: Soft, sensual and woody mixes with sweet creamy notes of vanilla and coconut. A
unisex fragrance.
Spicy Fig:A fresh, clean scent that captures a subtle citrus and sweet musky fig combination.  A blend of sweet and spicy like clove studded fruit.  A warm, pleasant holiday scent.
Tahitian Vanilla: Citrisy, fresh, tropical fruit combined with the sweet and toasty bouquet of coconut and
Verbena: Soft, delicate floral bouquet with hints of lime, citrus and a blend of toasty coconut. Appealing
to men and women.

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