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Alsatian Soaps Eco Friendly

We are an Eco-Friendly Company

Alsatian Soaps & body is committed to identifying more environmentally friendly ways to provide high quality glycerin soaps, lotion bars and salves.
We strive to make our products using the most natural ingredients available and all products are preservative- free.  Ingredients used are natural and derived from vegetable extracts.   No chlorine, phosphates, dyes or synthetic colors are used.  Our products are non-toxic and safe for the user and the environment. 

Both pure essential oils and fragrance oils which are phthalate-free scents are used for fragrancing our soaps, lotion bars and salves.  We offer refills for our lotion bars to encourage and enable recyling of our tin packaging.  We recycle as much as we can and reuse boxes and shipping supplies whenever we can to reduce waste.  

Our products are biodegradable and never tested on animals.  We use recycled paper for our printed soap labels as well as Biolefin, a biodegradable plastic to wrap our glycerin soaps. Minimal packaging is emphasized.

To make our soaps last longer, allow the bars to stay dry between uses and store all products out of direct sunlight before using.

We encourage our customers to recycle, re-use and reduce waste whenever they can and we try to do the same.

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Alsatian Soaps and Body is an eco friendly company
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